Arriving Friday Night (1st night) – Junction Hostels Makati, Don Pedro Street

Arriving at Junction Hostels Makati in a Friday night? Get enough rest and a power nap.

Then roam around Junction Hostels Makati’s neighborhood situated in Poblacion Makati where a conglomerate of bars and cafes filled the area. Friday supposed to be just a chill one for you, so walk your way to Alamat for a quick yet satisfying dinner of Sutokil, a delightful Filipino dish composed of fresh grilled meat and seafood drenched in vinegar partnered with Filipino sticky rice.

Alamat is a place that serves only locally made food, from the beer on tap, down to each and every type of vinegar in the condiments station. It celebrates the country’s cultural identity, with art on the walls illustrating Philippine folklore. Then, roam around and you’ll discover that the party is just starting at 12 midnight and has no time limit. Bars sparkles in blinding neon lights. Reserve your energy. You’ll have much partying to do for tomorrow so just slow down a bit. Relax it is Friday!  Try Lobo’s cocktail offering called the Da Datu and their regular potions of tequilas and whiskies.



Go up at Lobo’s open balcony where there’s a great view deck and just enjoy people watching and kill time. Dose off and go back to the hostel for a much deserve rest!








Saturday (1st Day) – Makati Avenue, Ayala Triangle Park, Poblacion

Enjoying your bed?! Certainly! But that is not an enough excuse for you not to catch the morning sun at Ayala Makati Triangle Park for free. Ayala Triangle is just jogged away from Junction Hostels Makati. From the Junction Hostels door steps jogged for 5 kilometers and feel the sun invigorates and warm your blood. Be amazed by the park’s lush greeneries and calming sounds of chirping birds. If you would be lucky enough, the park is also a site for some Art Exhibits and open libraries where you can delight your eyes and enjoy a good read.  Head back to Junction Hostels Makati.

Have a hot shower and devour a hearty breakfast of Chicken Pork Adobo topped with sunny side up egg and hot rice, while you plan for your next itinerary and mapped your way around!


Grab lunch in Chicken Inasal along Makati Avenue and satisfy yourself with a delectable dish of grilled chicken perfectly matched with hot tamarind soup, rice and chili oil sauce. For a more satisfying experience better to eat chicken inasal with your bare hands. For a finale, order a Halo Halo dessert, a favorite Filipino dessert comprised of crushed ice, evaporated milk, beans, fruits, leche flan and ice cream!











Walk around Makati City to empty your stomach towards Greenbelt Ayala and enjoy the vibe of the open mall with its variety of affordable and branded clothing lines! Greenbelt also features local Filipino singers so be ready to catch some free concerts at the park or inside the mall’s activity center!

Feeling sleepy though, head back to Poblacion, Makati and grab a sip of coffee at Commune. Be amazed by their 3D art coffee, grab a book from their library, and just forget about time for the meantime in your new coffee hideout!

Don’t miss the mesmerizing view of the city’s skyline during sunset at Z Hostels rooftop bar while savoring an afternoon cocktail. Engage in a conversation with other fellow travellers who marvel the view as well! Remember such beautiful view is best shared!

Saturday Night (2nd night) – General Luna Street, Poblacion

This is a prelude to a long night! Start your food adventure around Junction Hostels.

For your appetizers, try the street food offerings like balut (months old duck egg), pork barbeque, helmet (chicken head) and isaw (chicken intestine).

Join a beer pong challenge in Junction Hostels and meet other travel aficionados!



Then depending on your mood, you can either head to Ayala Triangle Gardens with your new crew, for a quiet evening and dinner, or head to Poblacion for a pig-out night-out with local young professionals and the expat crowd.




Insomnia is your best friend tonight, so huddle up your cliques and do bar hopping! In Poblacion, you can check out laid back waterloos like Tambai, El Chupacabra or Senor Pollo.

For a bar out of the ordinary, witness a midget boxing match in Ring Side! Still can’t get enough!


As your night ender, squeeze into a tight dancing crowd of Pura Vida and dance your heart out with the beat of the drums from its samba and reggae music! Yet, I warn you! You’ll never get out from Pura Vida without being wasted! But don’t fret, Junction Hostels is just few stones away…

Sunday Morning till Afternoon (2nd day) – Legazpi Sunday Market and Ayala Avenue

Shoot! The sun is up again! I know that hang over is killing you now, solve it with a cup of espresso at WildFlour Legazpi with a bowl of fruits or bagel. Sunday is perfect time for you to visit Legazpi Sunday Market as well that features a large organic market, arts and crafts, and other quirky finds. Food must tries are the Vegetarian Lasagna for 170 pesos and Japanese tofu Steak for 200 pesos from Edgy Veggy.


But if you’d like to try the common Filipino’s food, order tapsilog (cured beef served with fried rice and egg) at Rodic’s Diner.

Walk towards Dela Rosa Street and appreciate the murals along the walkway.

Straight ahead more, until you reach Ayala museum, where you can view Filipino contemporary art.


Sunday Night (3rd night) – Junction Hostels, Poblacion

Have an easy breezy Sunday, head back to Junction Hostels and enjoy the rest of your lazy Sunday with a glass of wine (it’s unlimited on Sundays) with nachos and pica pica from the Truck. Sunday capping is usual event at Junction Hostels so enjoy exciting and almost never ending conversation with other guests and I know how much you wish it is Friday again! Where’s the reset button please?!

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