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Hello! You’ve just reached your friendly neighborhood Junction. A designer hostel situated at the heart and soul of the city.


Come on over to our place. We’ve opened the doors to our hostel in Makati City and created a lively and welcoming atmosphere for you right in the heart of the capital’s pulsating tourist district.


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There’s a movement emerging in Metro Manila. Innovative designers, creative artists, funky musicians and cool, upbeat restaurateurs are breathing new life and energy into this already vibrant city. We’ve got third-wave coffee, dive bars, thrift shops, live music, and a thriving arts and culture scene. A refurbished apartment building located right where the action is, Junction will immerse you in the heart and soul of the city. With interiors built from an artfully curated mix of new and upcycled construction materials, the three-story property boasts uniquely conceptual private and coed spaces.


Our cool and laidback lounge is the perfect place to unwind after a crazy night out. Grab a muffin in our artisanal café, watch footy in the TV room, shoot some pool on our very own Filipino pool table. Make a connection in a shared room or enjoy space-out time in a private room. Wi-Fi on the fly.



Annex Matheus Building, Gen. Luna Corner
Don Pedro Streets, Barangay Poblacion
1210 Makati City Philippines


Tel. +6325016575, +6325016578


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